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American Angler is a magazine that is devoted to fly fishing in the Americas. Featured in the magazine are articles on various fly fishing methods and techniques, reports on fly fishing destinations and waters, and in-depth gear reviews.

American Angler is known well for publishing articles on various fly fishing methods and techniques that are proven to work in the waters of the western hemisphere. These articles cover anything from basic fly tying to reading streams and creeks to discern the best locations to fish. One recently published article titled “Retrieve to Deceive” outlines ways in which anglers can match their retrieves to the specific baitfish they are trying to imitate.

Each issue of American Angler contains reports on fly fishing destinations and waters. These reports cover anything from relatively easy to reach waters in Wyoming to the remote Bolivian headwaters of the Amazon River, and contain detailed firsthand accounts of real anglers’ experiences.

Readers of American Angler are treated to in-depth reviews of fly fishing gear and equipment. The magazine’s experts spend hours with each tackle bag, line, and fly rod in varying conditions before writing their reviews to ensure that readers receive the most reliable information possible.

A subscription to American Angler makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys fly fishing and would like access to information on new destinations, techniques, and equipment. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to American Angler.

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