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Astronomy Magazine is a popular science magazine published for amateur astronomers. Included in the magazine are tips for observing space events, stunning space event photography, research summaries, and in-depth equipment reviews.

Astronomy Magazine is known well for publishing tips on observing space events. Find out when, where, and what to use in order to spot that comet or meteor shower you’ve been dying to see. Don’t miss out on these truly amazing sights!

Each issue of Astronomy Magazine contains stunning space event photography. The magazine’s editors, through various avenues, have access to the technology needed to photograph faraway star clusters, galaxies, comets, and more in levels of detail never seen before.

Readers of Astronomy Magazine are treated to research summaries. Learn about the science behind the amazing sights you can see from the comfort of your front yard! And don’t worry, these summaries are written specifically for amateur astronomers.

Included in Astronomy Magazine are in-depth equipment reviews focusing mainly on telescopes. The magazine’s expert reviewers spend hours with each telescope, and on different viewing tasks, before writing their reviews to ensure readers receive the most reliable information possible.

A subscription to Astronomy Magazine makes a great gift for anyone who considers themselves to be an amateur astronomer, or is simply curious about space. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Astronomy Magazine.

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