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Bloomberg Businessweek is a magazine that is devoted to keeping readers informed on what is happening in the business world. Published in the magazine are articles on both global and national economic policies, features on important companies and industries, and articles on innovation and design for those who run businesses of their own.

Bloomberg Businessweek is known well for publishing articles on both global and national economic policies. One article, focused on recent changes in China’s economic policies, asks the very important question: “Is what is good for China good for all of us?” Other articles focus on policy and personnel changes in the United States that will have effects on the business community at large.

Each issue of Bloomberg Businessweek contains features on important companies and industries. A recent article on the airline industry explores whether or not U.S. Airlines will be able to compete with “big-spending Mideast carriers” and what the answer will mean for consumers and other airlines.

Readers of Bloomberg Businessweek who manage their own businesses are treated to articles on innovation and design. Recently published in the magazine is an article detailing what business owners should be learning from the highly publicized public offering of media giant Twitter.

A subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek makes a great gift for anyone who wants to be kept up to date on what is occurring in the complex world of business. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek.

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