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Dance Teacher Magazine is a magazine written specifically for those who teach the art of dance. Featured in the magazine are countless teaching resources, practical advice on running a dance studio, and health advice meant for both teacher and student.

Dance Teacher Magazine is known well for providing readers with countless teaching resources. One recent article seeks to help educators plan lessons that not only “impart foundational technique, but also weave culture, choreographic principles, history, and interdisciplinary studies into lessons.” Other articles provide advice on topics like helping students choose the degrees and career paths that are best suited for their skills and ambitions.

Each issue of Dance Teacher Magazine contains practical advice for those running dance studios. One article titled “Getting the Most Out of Your Nutcracker Budget” seeks to help studio owners who want to put on the best productions possible with limited funds. Another recent article provides advice on using technology in the studio to make every day lessons and practices easier.

Readers of Dance Teacher Magazine are treated to health advice meant for both teacher and student. This advice covers both injury prevention and nutrition. One recently published article focuses on telling the difference between a stress fracture and a relatively less-threatening injury known as shin splints.

A subscription to Dance Teacher Magazine makes a great gift for anyone who teaches or is simply interested in dance. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Dance Teacher Magazine.

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