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Those at PennyPress know that while their subscribers are some of the smartest pencil-in-hand (or pen) puzzle-goers on the planet, even they need an honest break every once in a while. And that’s how we get Approved Easy & Fun Variety Puzzles.

Approved Easy & Fun Variety Puzzles, a true variety magazine, hits on all of the popular puzzles including Word Search, Sudoku, and Picture This, as well as dozens more that you might just encounter here for the first time. What’s different about this magazine is that its puzzles are less challenging and more leisure-oriented than those found in PennyPress’ other selections.

Whether you’re on vacation, had a long day at work, or simply need a break from those more challenging puzzles that will in fact still be there when you’re finished (I promise!), make sure this magazine with its over 300 puzzles per issue is near at hand. Of course, coming from PennyPress, you can expect the same clarity and quality of print as is found in the publisher’s other selections.

A subscription to Approved Easy & Fun Variety Puzzles makes a great gift for anyone who loves completing word searches, Sudoku, and other great puzzles. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Approved Easy & Fun Variety Puzzles.

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