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Farm and Ranch Living is a magazine that is devoted to families who live off the land. The magazine features mainly month-long diary entries written by families who farm for a living, as well as reader-submitted stories about farm-life.

Farm and Ranch Living is known well for publishing month-long diary entries written by families who make their livings off the land. One recent issue tells the story of a man from Oregon who is continuing his family’s legacy by producing hops. Another entry from an Idaho family tells of what it is like to raise a family and raise cattle all on the same property. These diary entries display and promote hard work and neighborliness, values that are essential to those who live off the land.

Readers of Farm and Ranch Living are treated to stories about farming families who have had to overcome tough challenges just to keep producing. In a recent issue, a rancher from Colorado tells readers about how she had to work day and night her first year to “winterize” her horses and prepare them for the cold weather. Another entry tells the story of an agricultural school graduate who is working with her parents to change the way they operate on their 150 year old farm so that it will support future generations.

A subscription to Farm and Ranch Living makes a great gift for anyone who works land or is interested in farming, whether they are a full-time farmer or tend to a small crop in the backyard. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Farm and Ranch Living.

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