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Girl’s Life is an American magazine that is written specifically for teenage girls. The magazine offers advice on social issues, articles about popular forms of entertainment, and articles on beauty and fashion trends.

Girl’s Life is known well for publishing advice on social issues faced by teenage girls around the country. The magazine publishes advice for girls who may not be socializing well at school, whether they need tips for breaking the ice with potential friends or advice on speaking up in class despite low self-esteem. The writers at Girl’s Life offer trips for those struggling with the work load at school or are bored out of their minds at summer jobs that seem to make time stand still.

Each issue of Girl’s Life features articles on entertainment. The magazine features articles on books, television shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment that are popular with teenage girls. One entry takes a look at five different “mean girls” from the world of books that the author believes readers secretly love.

Readers of Girl’s Life are treated to articles about beauty and fashion. The magazine’s writers offer easy and inexpensive tips for practicing makeup and skin care that keep readers looking amazing at all times. Girl’s Life also publishing features on new styles and looks in each issue that are sported both by popular celebrities as well as real, everyday girls.

A subscription to Girl’s Life makes a great gift for any girl in her teenage years who is interested in popular entertainment, beauty, and fashion. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Girl’s Life.

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