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Greenwich Magazine is a publication that bills itself as a luxury lifestyle magazine for those living in Greenwich, Connecticut. Included in the magazine are stories on local cultural topics, as well as articles on fashion and home design.

Greenwich Magazine is known well for publishing stories on local cultural topics. One recently published story tells the story of Evan Osnos, a journalist from the area who has travelled the world, putting his life in danger, to bring his stories to readers. The magazine’s writers also cover local museum exhibits, musical productions, art showings, festivals, and other events one might attend while in Greenwich.

Each issue of Greenwich Magazine contains articles on fashion and home design. In fact, one recently published issue is devoted almost solely to home design and decoration. Included in that issue are helpful articles on anything from refurbishing old homes to choosing wall colors, along with features on real, elegantly designed homes in Greenwich, complete with detailed photographs. The magazine’s writers are also known to publish articles on real estate trends and styles in the area.

A subscription to Greenwich Magazine makes a great gift for anyone who lives in or near Greenwich, CT, or is simply interested in culture, fashion, and design. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Greenwich Magazine.

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