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Horse and Rider is a magazine that is dedicated to the Western style of horseback riding. Featured in the magazine are articles on various riding techniques in the Western style, advice on training and behavioral issues, and information on first aid and horse nutrition.

Horse and Rider is known well for publishing articles on various riding techniques in the Western style. One recent issue contains how-to guides for those attempting their first trots and lopes on a colt. Also featured in that issue are tips for more advanced riders on galloping comfortably and safely.

Readers of Horse and Rider are treated to advice on training and behavioral issues. A recent issue offers advice on controlling horses while out on long and often demanding trail rides. Other articles feature advice on specific strategies used by experts and professionals in the field on showmanship and other forms of training.

Each issue of Horse and Rider contains helpful information on horse care. One article provides advice for those who own horses with Cushing’s disease, offering information on how these horses can enjoy long, useful lives in spite of the incurable disease. Many articles on nutrition help readers to ensure their horses live long, healthy lives.

A subscription to Horse and Rider makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys horseback riding, whether they are an expert or are just starting out. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Horse and Rider.

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