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Horse Illustrated is a magazine that is devoted to horse lovers of all types and is known well for its detailed illustrations and reader-submitted content. Featured in the magazine are articles on horse training, breeding, and care.

Horse Illustrated is known well for its articles on horse training. The magazine’s staff includes experts in both English and Western riding who share tons of helpful information with readers each month. In one recent column devoted to English riding, readers are instructed on how they can get smooth and effortless flying lead changes. Other articles offer solutions for those with horses who exhibit unfriendly behavior toward humans.

Readers of Horse Illustrated are treated to articles on horse breeding. One article that was recently published explores the Lipizzaner, a breed of horse that was once exclusive to Austrian nobility that is now enjoyed by horse enthusiasts worldwide. Another article from the same issue focuses on breeding of the well-muscled Canadian horse.

Each issue of Horse Illustrated contains articles on caring for the health of horses. These articles range from basic explanations of proper first-aid treatment to professional advice on techniques such as body clipping and others. Many articles that have appeared in the magazine focus on proper diet and nutrition.

A subscription to Horse Illustrated makes a great gift for any owner or lover of horses who wants to learn more about these amazing animals. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Horse Illustrated.

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