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Professional Mariner is a magazine that is devoted to serving owners and operators of commercial maritime vessels of all types in the United States and Canada. Included in the magazine are news stories on anything from licensing and training to safety and navigation, as well as in-depth commentary on such topics.

Professional Mariner is known well for publishing news stories on topics that are relevant to those working in the industry. Whether readers are employed as navigators or shipbuilders, they will find stories in the magazine that are relevant to their day to day operations. The magazine’s writers are also known for covering casualties and trying to ensure that those in the industry can learn from tragic events that take place on our seas.

Each issue of Professional Mariner contains commentary on recent news stories and events within the maritime industry. One guest commentator, an experienced captain himself, writes in a recent issue on the need for more hands-on training concerning what he refers to as “rules of the road.” His opinion is shared by others who believe that simulators are not the best way to teach mariners to navigate often crowded channels and lanes.

A subscription to Professional Mariner makes a great gift for anyone who works in the maritime industry and is based out of the United States or Canada. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Professional Mariner.

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