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Saveur is a gourmet food and wine magazine that focuses mainly on world cuisine and travel. Featured in the magazine are countless recipes from a range of culinary traditions, advice on different cooking techniques used by chefs around the world, and information on travel for those who want to try foreign cuisines for themselves.

Saveur is known well for publishing recipes from a range of culinary traditions. Readers consult the magazine for anything from a simple cocktail recipe to instructions for the preparation of an all-out, multi-course dinner in one of the several Middle Eastern traditions. Other culinary styles from which recipes are included are Italian, Mexican, French, and various Asian styles.

Readers of Saveur are treated to advice on different cooking techniques mastered by chefs around the world. Included in the magazine are articles on skills like creating stocks and sauces, cheesemaking, roasting, and more. One recent article focuses on knife skills and instructs readers on how they might improve their own.

Each issue of Saveur contains information on travel. The magazine’s writers focus especially on cities and events that are known for their culinary traditions. For example, one recent article explores a staff writer’s trip to Alentejo, Portugal, documenting his experiences travelling and eating in the city.

A subscription to Saveur makes a great gift for anyone who loves the culinary arts, especially if they are interested in foreign cuisines and travel. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Saveur.

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