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MIT Technology Review is a science and technology magazine that is published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Featured in the magazine are news stories relating the effects of recent advances in science and technology, as well as features on new innovations in various technological fields.

MIT Technology Review is known well for publishing news stories relating the effects of recent advances in science and technology. Recently published articles focus on anything from technologies that allow for inexpensive brain scans that could detect concussions and printed eye cells that could help treat blindness, to “Smart Home” technologies that do things like open doors and adjust temperatures automatically. One article even analyzes an attempt by Audi to begin work on a “brain” for a self-driving car.

Each issue of MIT Technology Review contains features on new breakthroughs and innovations in various technological fields such as biomedicine, communications, computing, energy, and many others. Many of these articles, which focus on breakthroughs that are still in the future, deal with questions of ethics concerning certain innovations. For example, one writer asks a very difficult question, “Are we prepared to know the genetic flaws of the unborn?”

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