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Young Rider Magazine is a magazine that is dedicated to helping children who love to ride horses take care of their animal friends and improve on their riding skills. Published in the magazine are articles on riding instruction, horse training, and caring for sick horses.

Young Rider Magazine is known well for publishing articles on riding instruction. These instructional articles are written in a way that makes them easy for children to follow along with and master certain riding skills. One recent entry in a column titled “English Lesson” teaches readers how to bring their horses to a perfect canter every time. Other articles focus on skills such as avoiding trail obstacles and performing at youth riding events.

Each issue of Young Rider Magazine contains articles on horse training written specifically for children. Children may submit their questions to the magazine to be answered in a column titled “Ask Clinton.” In a recent issue Clinton helps a young girl whose horse has been showing signs of “grumpiness” in the show pen.

Readers of Young Rider Magazine are treated to articles on caring for sick horses. Not only do the magazine’s experts provide advice on being proactive about horse care, but also on what to do when a reader’s horse comes down with colic or other sicknesses that horses are prone to.

A subscription to Young Rider Magazine makes a great gift for any child who enjoys or is interested in riding horses. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Young Rider Magazine.

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